Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of seven employees in its Chicago office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions expanded rapidly during the past five years and actively promotes within the 500-person firm.

The seven employees include:

Greg Arvanitakis, senior art director, began his career at Intouch in March 2013 as an art director where he worked closely with developers, an outside gaming company and the agency. Since joining the Intouch team, Greg became a driving force behind several client projects. He also garnered praise from multiple clients and the Intouch team for his leadership and attention to detail. In his new role as senior art director, Greg will generate creative concepts, execute designs, present to clients and assist team members.

Carolin Hubscher, senior art director, began her career at Intouch as an art director in 2012 and has since shown a refreshing combination of talent, reliability and spirit. Carolin’s sense of design, as well as her positive attitude, established her as a highly proficient and invaluable member of the Intouch team. As senior art director, she will play an increased role in conceptualizing and designing creative digital and mobile solutions for clients. Carolin will also contribute to pitches and act as a mentor to junior members of the creative team.

Erik Kwiek, senior art director, contributed to the Intouch in numerous ways during the course of his nearly three-year career with the company as an art director. The combination of Erik’s passion for technology and his impressive design skills helped him create innovative solutions for clients and new business pitches. In his new role, Erik will strategize and develop creative concepts, collaborate on projects to provide solutions, ensure quality of work and mentor aspiring art directors and freelancers. Eric is an important asset to the creative team and will make great strides as senior art director.

Karen Kantor, associate medical director, began her career at Intouch in March of 2012.  Formerly a senior medical writer, Karen possesses an exceptional ability to translate her medical knowledge into effective promotional pieces. Karen also finds compelling ways to present clinical data to clients. Her clients and colleagues often seek out Karen’s insight and advice because of her impressive work. Karen’s writing skills, conceptual thinking abilities and medical opinions will benefit her in her new role as associate medical director where she will continue to innovate how scientific data can be translated to pharmaceutical marketing as well as mentor other medical writers.

Megan Sorenson, account manager, joined Intouch in 2013 as an account administrator. In her former position, Meg led a multitude of projects across banners, websites and applications. Meg’s attention to detail, positive attitude and client management skills have made her an asset to the team and will benefit her in her new role. As account manager, she will work as the account project lead and day-to-day client contact on all Synthroid projects, including websites, mobile sites, emails, digital banners, iPad updates and videos.

Val Curry, account director, began her career at Intouch in 2011 as an account supervisor. Val’s ability to easily navigate client communication and serve as a team player have benefited her as she led a wide range of initiatives, including banners, emails, websites and iPad applications. Her experience in both digital and pharmaceutical marketing makes her a valuable asset to clients and the internal team. As account director, Val will oversee multiple accounts, lead brand initiatives, provide strategic leadership and identify potential growth opportunities.

About Intouch Solutions Inc.
Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions Inc. employs more than 500 individuals and is a privately held marketing agency headquartered in the Kansas City area with offices in Chicago and New York. Specializing in solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at or visit them on the Web at

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