CHICAGO, IL (APRIL 14, 2016)

Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of Molly Buczynski to senior vice president of client services. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes experienced leaders from within the over 650-person firm.

After joining Intouch in 2007 as an account director, Buczynski has become a key member of the Intouch team, managing client relationships and providing innovative solutions. In her most recent role as vice president of client services, Buczynski managed several Intouch account groups, leading teams to help clients develop forward-thinking marketing solutions. Throughout her tenure at Intouch, Buczynski has fostered a deep understanding of the brands she represents at the crossroads of digital and pharma, and has consistently provided strategic leadership, vision and excellence.

“Molly exemplifies Intouch leadership through every initiative she spearheads,” said Faruk Capan, CEO. “Her dedication to understanding the industry and the needs of her clients is unwavering, and with this she inspires strategic thinking among her fellow Intouchers. We are proud to claim her as one of our own.”

As senior vice president of client services, Buczynski will utilize her knowledge at the brand level to expand support at an enterprise level, both internally and externally. She will also drive innovation, best practices and strategic leadership across the enterprise with a focus on client-service and integration for pharma and marketing.

“I’m ready to jump into my new role as senior vice president with both feet, encouraging innovation and providing awesomeness to my fellow Intouch teammates and clients alike,” said Buczynski. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds and what the next stage of growth looks like for Intouch in 2016 and beyond.”

Buczynski received a Bachelor of Science in advertising from Ferris State University in Michigan.

About Intouch Solutions Inc.
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