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Intouch Solutions Named Among World’s Most Creatively Awarded Agencies

Intouch Team

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Anyone who works in healthcare advertising knows it can be a tough place to be creative. As highlighted at the recent Cannes Lions Health event, often we feel as if we must be that much more creative in order to resonate with audiences while staying within the lines of regulations.

That challenge is what drives us. And it’s also why we were particularly pleased to recently be named among the Top 20 Most Creatively Awarded Agencies in the world in the healthcare sector by Advertising Health.

Advertising Health, a London-based publication, compiled the list using the results from major healthcare awards ceremonies, including Lions Health Awards, the CLIO Awards, The Global Awards, the Manny Awards, the MM&M Awards, the PM Society Awards, the IPA Best of Health Awards, and The Rx Club Awards.

It goes without saying that we have a lot of heart for healthcare advertising. The regulatory and creative challenges don’t keep us from doing the best work for our clients, patients and professionals. In fact, it’s what drives us.

So thank you, Advertising Health, along with all of the awards programs, for recognizing our work alongside many other industry greats!



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