Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of nine employees in its Kansas City office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes within the 650-person firm.

The nine employees include:

Cara Neill, group account director, joined the Intouch team in June 2008 as account manager. During her tenure at Intouch, Neill has proven herself to be a driven leader who always keeps her client’s objectives at heart, and constantly looks for innovative ways to grow their business. Her work in aesthetics and correctives consumer marketing highlights her exceptional leadership and management capabilities. In her new role, Neill leads the annual brand planning process, ensuring stability and growth of client relationships with senior brand leaders. She continues to lead her team and provide strategic guidance to help them grow and provide exceptional client service.

Evan Yule, search analyst, joined the Intouch team in 2015 as associate search analyst and has already played a key role with multiple clients by providing valuable insights and guidance. He is known for his resourcefulness, teamwork, and ability to handle multiple priorities and competing deadlines with ease. In his new role, Yule manages organic search performance for several pharma brands and performs site audits. He also identifies strategic efforts and opportunities, and communicates findings.

Tylor Hermanson, senior manager, search strategy, joined the Intouch team in April 2014 as a search strategist and has quickly risen through the ranks. Clients and team members value his commitment to creating a more productive, organized and forward thinking team. For the past six months, Hermanson has worked with the Inbound Marketing team to provide guidance, leadership and support, while still delivering excellent service to his clients. In his new role, Hermanson continues to provide strategic support for the Inbound Marketing team, and improves internal processes by developing frameworks for standardization, quality and efficiency. Additionally, Hermanson manages and coaches team members to maximize their strengths.

Matthew Barnett, manager, search strategy, began working at Intouch in February 2015 as a search strategist. In a short period of time, Barnett influenced positive outcomes through cross-team collaboration, enhanced service offerings and strategic direction for the Inbound Marketing team. In his new role as manager of search strategy, Barnett continues to lead team initiatives while helping members of his team grow within their current roles via strengths-based leadership. Since joining Intouch, Barnett has taken on a leadership role within his department, while showing zero compromise to the work provided to clients.

Terri Greene, manager, inbound marketing, started at Intouch Solutions in May 2011. Since joining the organization as a search analyst, Greene has made a positive impression on her team and her clients as someone who strives to create a more efficient and structurally sound team. Over the past six months, Greene has helped the Inbound Marketing team become more productive and organized, while serving as a source of guidance for junior team members. In her current role, she continues these efforts, while also leading the implementation and improvement of internal team processes.

Jacqueline Collins, associate director, social media, began her career at Intouch Solutions in August 2010 as an intern. Since then, Collins quickly rose through the ranks, most recently serving as senior manager in the social media department. Her capacity for consistently producing excellent work anchored in strategic thinking makes her a standout in the social media department. In her new role as associate director, social media, Collins ensures the team delivers high quality work and is held to appropriate standards regarding workload. Her new position allows her to have a role in both the tactical, day-to-day side of operations, as well as developing the overall strategic focus and leading the team.

Russell Satterfield, manager, search marketing, joined the Intouch team in April 2014 as a senior search analyst. Satterfield is a team player, extremely hard worker and embraces solutions that produce the best results. His ability to turn small requests into larger opportunities while simultaneously solving his clients’ challenges is one of his key strengths. Since joining Intouch, the Inbound Marketing team has experienced significant growth and Satterfield has played an important role in it. In his new role as manager, search marketing, Satterfield leads strategic thinking and execution of deliverables for clients, leads tactical planning and scoping, and provides overall support to the team.

Molly McIntyre, project manager, started at Intouch Solutions in March 2015 as a project coordinator. Clients and coworkers alike appreciate McIntyre’s professional and personable demeanor, as well as her acute attention to detail.  Since joining the team, McIntyre quickly showed her project management acumen, becoming involved on several accounts and providing strategic guidance valued by clients. In her new role, she leads all aspects of project management, works with internal project teams, reports on project statuses, and is responsible for maintaining technical and project documentation.

Braydon Medlin, senior search analyst, joined the Intouch team in April 2013. Previously serving as search analyst, Medlin has extensive experience assisting and leading inbound marketing efforts for several large brands. Over the past two years, Medlin has led and managed all SEO and inbound marketing efforts for a major client. As his clients have grown in size, so has Medlin’s ability to anticipate needs and provide real value to help them meet their objectives. As senior search analyst, Medlin will serve as main point of contact for digital initiatives for a portfolio of Intouch clients, as well as managing search engine optimization efforts for their digital assets.

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