NEW YORK, NY (MARCH 31, 2016)

Intouch Solutions is proud to announce the launch of a new client service offering, Intouch Market Access. The establishment of the new discipline coincides with the hire of Peter Weissberg as Group Director of Market Access. Based out of Intouch’s New York office, the new market access practice is embedded across all Intouch locations and services.

In the past ten years, the healthcare landscape has undergone dramatic changes, with an increased focus on long-term treatment outcomes and dramatic shifts in decision-making control. As Group Director of Market Access, Weissberg’s primary responsibilities are to help Intouch’s life science clients successfully navigate and address these challenges.

“Healthcare delivery has fundamentally changed and keeps changing, and so have the influencers who drive the change. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in this dynamic arena,” said Faruk Capan, CEO. “Our client-centric mindset — understanding the needs of our clients and their customers — is at the heart of who we are. Intouch Market Access is a natural evolution of that mission. Peter provides the expertise to help our clients address the new and future realities of market access across all phases of product commercialization.”

With more than 15 years of experience in market access, Weissberg brings a deep understanding of balancing and addressing the needs of a variety of healthcare stakeholders.

“While this offering has just recently been formalized, our market access team draws upon three decades of experience,” said Weissberg. “Intouch’s strong reputation and track record of client retention is a testament to the firm’s position as a true steward to its clients. I look forward to carrying that legacy forward through Intouch Market Access.”

Weissberg joins Intouch Solutions following years of experience at Amerisource Bergen and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide. He holds a BS in economics from Boston College.

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