Intouch Solutions proudly announces the promotion of six employees in its Overland Park, Kan., office. A leading marketing agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch Solutions has seen rapid expansion over the past five years and actively promotes within the 600-person firm.

The six employees include:

Rachael Breidenthal, senior art director, has worked as an art director at Intouch for more than six years. After starting as a contract employee, Breidenthal was hired on full-time in February 2009. Between her hardworking, upbeat personality and her ability to organize complex and disjointed thoughts into clear and simple creative, Breidenthal is an invaluable asset to the Intouch team. In addition, her knack for turning clients into trusted and valued resources is unmatched. As senior art director, she will work even more closely with clients to produce a creative product that accurately represents and effectively promotes each unique brand.

Kevin Gauntt, marketing analytics manager, joined Intouch in February 2012 as a marketing analytics associate. Since then, Gauntt has become a go-to resource for app-related questions and information. His QA prowess is unequaled and his ability to communicate across both account and development groups is truly unique. Gauntt’s knack for acting as a resource to his team, combined with his dedication to finding ways to improve processes and report deliverables, has contributed to his success at Intouch. As a marketing analytics manager, Gauntt will lead the day-to-day operations of a team of marketing analysts, including managing workloads and coordinating and scheduling deliverables. He will also work alongside the director of marketing analytics to help shape the processes and outputs of the analytics team overall.

Braydon Medlin, search analyst, has proven his dedication to his team and work during his tenure at Intouch. Medlin joined Intouch in April 2013 as an associate search analyst, during which time he was pivotal in supporting clients. On top of his excellent client service and quality work, Medlin is very flexible and willing to help out other team members when a need arises, which will benefit him in his new role. As a search analyst, he will develop in-depth content strategy and digital optimization recommendations. Medlin will also boost visibility in search engine result pages and online conversions, as well as contribute to multichannel strategy through cross-functional team collaboration.

Lauren Smith, group account director, joined Intouch in October 2007 as a contractor, and was hired on full-time to the account team in January 2008. During her time at Intouch, Smith has consistently provided thought leadership to her clients and acted as a dependable, knowledgeable resource for her team and clients. Smith will capitalize on her experience and vast skillset in her new role as group account director. She will lead a 12-person account team that supports six brands and the overall franchise digital strategy for a client.

Tyler Thompson, business systems analyst, joined Intouch in summer 2012 as an intern and was hired on full-time in May 2013 as an associate business systems analyst. During his time at Intouch, Thompson has surpassed expectations by providing value across web, mobile, electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) and data-driven projects. In his new role as business systems analyst, Thompson will communicate client objectives to Intouch’s development teams through business and functional requirements. In addition to helping design solutions to technical development challenges, he will also serve as a technical advisor to help ensure client objectives are achieved in the final product Intouch delivers.

Megan Yartz, account manager, has been a key member of the Intouch account team since her hire in June 2012 as an account administrator. Throughout her time at Intouch, Yartz has been a significant contributor to her team across a key account and worked on a wide variety of digital projects, including agency of record (AOR) and eCRM. Yartz’s exceptional work, positive attitude and open-minded approach made her the ideal candidate for her new position as account manager. In this new role, Yartz will continue to lead client projects, as well as her internal teams, assuring the deliverables are at or above client expectations. Yartz will also determine and create the scope of work for several projects and ensure each project’s budget is on track.