Here at Intouch, our teams continually strive to develop new ways of thinking in healthcare and marketing. We’ve hosted industry-wide accelerators, participated in hackathons at MIT, and won national challenges like Hack the Midwest.

Though we have a dedicated innovation team responsible for our artificial intelligence (AI) engine, rapid prototypes and other forward-thinking initiatives, we know that every Intouch associate is an innovator.

To tap into the thought leaders at Intouch, we developed an innovation platform we call DIY (Driving Innovation Yourself). DIY allows our associates to submit ideas on specific challenges and help solve needs in the healthcare space.

At the core of this initiative is the same fundamental truth behind crowdsourcing:

Humans crave togetherness, especially when it results in the creation of new value.

Companies like Citi and Universal leverage similar platforms to birth new ideas, strengthen connections between various parts of their organizations, and foster a culture of innovation.

Our first challenge, “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare,” was designed to help Intouch’s AI platform, Cognitive Core, solve problems for patients, caregivers and HCPs.

We received fantastic submissions from 40 teams. Then, the agency voted and commented on ideas to advance them through the challenge. These ideas generated more than 850 votes and comments in a few short weeks.

The finalists presented to our own “Shark Tank” panel including our CEO Faruk, several executives, and our AI experts.

We can’t say too much about our winning ideas or future challenges yet, but we’re excited and confident they’ll make an impact in the space. Stay tuned for more from our DIY team soon!


Andrew Grojean is an innovation manager at Intouch.