On the evening of February 18, Intouch Solutions hosted more than twenty women for the first Kansas City Women in Technology (KCWiT) meeting of 2015. The meeting was a part of KCWiT’s TechTalk series and their first big quarterly event of the year. It focused on building your personal brand when applying for industry jobs.

The event started off with a causal networking session and led to an hour-long interactive panel discussion followed by 30 minutes of one-on-one résumé guidance. The panel comprised of human resource personnel as well as industry hiring managers ready to field any questions from the attendees. Three main themes seemed to emerge, resulting in the panelists really focusing on answering questions about résumés, recruiters and the importance of LinkedIn.

Some key insights from the panelists include:


  • Include a few bullet points underneath the projects you worked on, explaining what they entailed and what your specific involvement was.
  • For entry-level candidates, including internships, side projects and freelance work will really set your résumé apart.
  • When in doubt, less is more when it comes to information to include.
  • Listing volunteer work and organization memberships helps to tell more about you as a person.

Interfacing With Recruiters

  • Make sure the recruiter is presenting you the way you want to be presented. They are acting as your agent, so be as particular with them as they are with you.
  • If you feel you are a great fit for a job opening, apply directly to the company versus going through a recruiter.
  • Do some investigating about the recruiter; see who else they may have represented.


  • There is more real estate available on a LinkedIn profile, so it’s a great place to expand your résumé. It gives you another avenue to present yourself in a different way.
  • Follow any companies you might be interested in. The more you can learn about them prior to an interview, the better.
  • Hiring managers look at potential employees’ LinkedIn profiles. It shows them companies they follow, groups they belong to, common connections and even some personal references.
  • Be sure the facts on your résumé match the facts on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use LinkedIn as a tool to learn more about the person who may be interviewing you. It’s great to find connections, but also some potential ice breakers.

Put some of these tips to use and apply for one of Intouch’s open tech positions today!

“February’s TechTalk, hosted by Intouch Solutions, went exceptionally well,” said KCWiT’s Event Chair Ventura Rangel. “The panel provided a unique and useful look to a side of the HR process many of us never get the chance to see.”

Are you a woman in the Kansas City technology field? Would you like a place where you can connect and network with other women in the industry? Find out about KCWiT’s membershipand join them at their March 18 TechTalk.