Frontiers Health draws experts from across the healthcare space to share insights on the latest in digital disruption and technology. The third annual conference — held November 15 and 16 in Berlin and co-hosted by Healthware CEO and Frontiers Chairman Roberto Ascione, who has been an integral part of the annual conference since its inception — featured 45 sessions covering everything from digital health for the developing world to patient centricity to blockchain to mindfulness in healthcare to Intouch’s own presentation on improving healthcare outcomes by using artificial intelligence (AI).

 This year, in addition to partnering to support the two-day conference, Ariel Salmang, managing director of Intouch International, and Abidur Rahman, senior director, innovation and new technology development at Intouch Solutions, co-presented the session, “Siri Will See You Now.” – Leveraging the Power of AI for Better Outcomes in Healthcare and Life Sciences Using Cognitive Core [Deep-Dive].

Abid came back with this brief recap:

Approximately 600 attendees gathered this year — about twice the number compared with last year! Attendees included pharmaceutical execs, healthcare professionals, healthcare startups, investment firms, healthcare technology enthusiasts and more.

The conference featured hands-on sessions, deep-dives, master classes and inspiring talks. Artificial intelligence was a major topic. Several health-tech companies talked about how they are using AI in their solutions. Digital medicine and digital therapeutics were important topics as well. It was particularly powerful when Andrew Thompson, CEO of Proteus Digital Health, described how Otsuka Pharmaceutical is using digital therapeutics to track drug ingestion with embedded chips in their schizophrenia drug Abilify with their MyCite program. This is a revolutionary step in the pharmaceutical industry.

There were also several startup pitches that focused on new technology solutions in the healthcare space. Startup topics ranged from music therapy apps, to diet, nutrition, mindfulness and health record apps. Venture capitalists and investors also talked about what they look for when investing in startups.

We hosted a master class on Intouch’s Cognitive Core AI solution with use cases and demos. The demos we presented included our AI-based Med Info platform, our virtual assistant EVA for pharma reps, a patient-support assistant and our content analysis platform. We’re pleased to say it was very well received and we look forward to participating again next year!

To learn more about how Intouch can make AI work for your brand, reach out to your account lead, or contact Justin Chase, executive vice president of innovation and media.  

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