There are a LOT of dog lovers in the Kansas City office, so it’s a pretty big deal when someone brings their pooch to work. Word spreads like wildfire, and every canine lover who can rushes to snuggle with the visiting fur friend. And when our annual Dog Day rolls around? We pretty much lose our minds for a minute. Then we get back to work, of course.

Last Friday, we hosted our third KC Dog Day, and it was bigger than ever. At least 65 pups came to work with their humans and were treated to dog-friendly ice cream cups and other snacks, a free photo shoot with props, and all the love they could handle.

“It’s the best day of the year,” said art director Kayla Kroenlein, who brought her Shar Pei mix, Chloe.

Intouchers had the opportunity to buy merchandise from local pet shop Treats Unleashed, as well as lapel pins designed by Ian Tirone, an Intouch graphic designer whose dogs Ruby and PJ were the models for the pins. Intouchers also supported KC Pet Project through donations from the group’s Amazon wish list and by purchasing canine ice cream sundaes.

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