We’re four months into our #ALLin campaign, and we’re proud to report that the number of Intouchers who’ve run, biked and walked for health-related causes has been even greater than we’d anticipated. #ALLin is about understanding the health challenges that patients and caregivers face and using those insights to make people’s lives better. Though we haven’t written about all their experiences here, Intouch employees have enthusiastically donated their time and energy at more than three dozen events this summer.

In Chicago, associate creative director Carolin Leblond recently participated in the World Vision 6K for Water, which promotes awareness about the lack of clean water available to children in Africa and raises funds to eliminate this barrier to good health. Participants were invited to run six kilometers instead of five because that’s the average distance people in Africa have to walk to obtain clean water.

“I was really inspired by the cause and helping children on the other side of the world,” said Carolin. “Water is so essential for life, and I know I take it for granted. This was a great way to do a little more to help.”

Kayla Kroenlein and Adam Shafer, both from the Kansas City office, appear to be vying for the top spot in the “most races run” category. (Don’t tell them it’s not a competition!) Adam and his wife usually run together, while Kayla goes solo. Most recently, Kayla and Adam — and his wife — participated in the sixth annual Plaza 10K in support of KidsTLC, which provides behavioral and mental health services and wellness programs for children and families in the Kansas City area. For Kayla, it provided an opportunity to not only learn about the services KidsTLC offers, but also inspiration to participate in similar events in the future.

“After learning more about the benefits KidsTLC brings,” said Kayla, “it makes me want to look further into events benefiting them.”

We continue to be proud of and inspired by all the Intouchers who spend a part of their free time supporting health-related causes and meeting the patients and caregivers our clients serve. Learn more about #ALLin and follow our journey on Instagram @Team_ALLin.