Mobile apps in healthcare (often known as “mHealth”) are nothing new. Today’s apps range anywhere from nutrient trackers to migraine diaries to understanding muscle triggers. However, the regulatory requirements surrounding mHealth apps have historically been blurry. Life science companies have been left to try to sort out the confusion.

To help clarify, Intouch’s Paul Pierce, vice president of development services, is lending his expertise in an upcoming FiercePharma webinar, March 17th from 12–1 PM CST (1–2 PM EST).

Join Paul and other speakers as they share mobile app insights, including:

  • Details on the FDA’s guidance on medical smartphone apps and the implications for industry-based app developers
  • Examples of apps developed by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and the regulatory process they endured
  • The growing selection of apps that double as medical devices — e.g., interfacing with blood-glucose meters — and their unique regulatory status

Intouch Solutions has created literally hundreds of mHealth apps for the life science industry, including apps for consumers, apps for healthcare professionals, apps that integrate with wearables, and even apps that can be used as treatments themselves. Join us March 17 to learn from our experience.

What: Life Sciences and Mobile Apps Webinar
Who: Paul Pierce, VP of Development Services, Intouch Solutions (Featured Speaker)
When: Thursday, March 17th
12-1 PM CST/1-2 PM EST
Why Attend: To learn app strategies for the life sciences industry and how they are changing in the wake of new regulatory requirements.
How: Register Today!