Intouch is on the move — in more ways than one!

Over the past few months, members from all three Intouch offices have traveled around the nation visiting different college campuses, recruiting top talent for our various career opportunities and internship programs. Getting to know the class of 2016 has been a great experience! From Kansas to Georgia, New York to Arkansas, Missouri to Illinois, we attended more career fairs in 2016 than ever before.

So what exactly happens at these events? Lots of talking and lots of networking! Typically recruiting fairs/expos are busy for everyone and time is a precious commodity. We only have a few minutes to talk about who we are as a company, and the students only have a few minutes to talk about their career goals and why they might make a good fit for Intouch.

There are lots of companies and lots of students. This fast-paced environment keeps everyone on their toes, but it especially challenges students who are looking to move from college to the professional world. With so many candidates in the room, how can one student stand out from the pack? Here are a few things that make a difference to us:

  1. Know the company you are talking to — Do your research! There is nothing more impressive than a student who has taken the time to research our organization. Not only does it save time (since time is always limited), but it shows genuine interest, work ethic and dedication, which are all important qualities in potential candidates.
  2. Be prepared to explain what you want to do — Do you want to be a part of account services, creative or social media? If you’re passionate about something in particular, be prepared to explain what and why! We always like to hear students’ aspirations, plus it helps us gauge whether or not a department would be a good fit for them.
  3. Be yourself — You may be nervous, overwhelmed or stressed…but that’s okay! Engaging with many different companies in a giant crowd during a networking event is already impressive. Just remember to be yourself. If you aren’t sure of something, just ask! We are happy to explain and help you better prepare yourself for the future.
  4. Bring your resume and any potential work samples — Even though Intouch Solutions is a digital company and we require all potential candidates to apply online, we still want to see your resume. This is a prime opportunity to receive resume advice and provide a company with a tangible reminder of who you are. We talk to many people at events like this, so anything a student does to stand out makes a big difference. Oh, and did you provide us with a business card? Be sure to staple or clip it to your resume, otherwise it’s bound to get lost in the shuffle!

Students often ask us what Intouch is seeking in candidates. We thrive on passion, innovation and teamwork. We’re looking for candidates with can-do attitudes, who believe in the power of hard work, results and having fun.

Even if we didn’t get a chance to connect at a career fair, you can still apply for a 2016 summer internship until March 25.