Every summer, Intouch sponsors groups of interns across its three U.S. offices, and competition for those spots is fierce — around 700 college students applied last year for only 29 intern spots — in part, because we get so many bright applicants, and also because, frankly, Intouch is a great place to be to an intern. 

In our robust program, interns get the chance to develop knowledge and skills that they can use anywhere they choose to work. They also gain valuable real-life experience by working with teams of professionals who interact with clients every day. And if the deal wasn’t already sweet enough, our interns get paid.

Inevitably, we end up bringing many of our interns into full-time positions. We recently checked in with a few of our recent hires to see how things were going. Here’s what they had to say. 

What made you choose Intouch?

“I chose Intouch because of all the things the company does for its employees. Intouch is always acknowledging their employees through cake days, “rock star” cards, awards and incredible benefits. The company also organizes competitions so we can team up outside of work, and it provides lots of opportunities for learning. The list is never-ending. I’m lucky to get to work full-time with the team I interned with. My team is a family. We laugh and make time for fun, but at the end of the day, you can rely on everyone to get their job done and exceed your expectations.  — Kayla Kroenlein, Studio Designer, Marketing & Communications

“First, the people here are incredible, which makes working very enjoyable. Second, something I noticed when I was an intern was how much Intouch as a whole really looks out for/appreciates their employees. I had a family emergency a few months ago, and I never would’ve expected a workplace to be so understanding and caring. I received so much love, not only from my team members, but from people I hardly knew. The whole experience made me realize even more how incredibly lucky I am to work for Intouch.”  — Colleen Reardon, Account Administrator

“I was chatting about looking for jobs with a friend, and I mentioned that I wanted to be in KC. She perked up and mentioned that the company her sister works for is based here. I contacted her sister and she raved about Intouch and the culture and helped me understand what Intouch does, and what each department does. She also told me that the best way to get offered a full-time job was to start as an intern, and that it’s kind of like an extended interview. It was a no-brainer when I was offered the internship.”  — Madelaine Wells, Account Administrator

How is full-time different from internship?

“The only difference between interning and full-time is the feeling of permanence. It’s no longer, ‘I’m here for the summer’, and that makes you feel more a part of the team. The work is extremely similar; when you’re an intern at Intouch, you work on projects you would work on as a full-time employee.  — Kayla

“As a full time employee just starting out after an internship, it’s honestly a weird adjustment. I found myself often nervous about sharing my opinions/ideas with team members since I felt so inexperienced. I had to come to terms with the fact that Intouch hired me because I had the potential to be something great. After that, I quickly realized that there was no reason for me to be timid and that it was, in fact, very important for me to speak up and share my thoughts and ideas.  — Colleen

“During the internship program, we worked on a project together just as interns and had a hands-on role in managing and directing the project. Otherwise, not much is different – I work with the same team, on the same products and have gotten more responsibilities and have been able to really develop relationships with clients now that I’m a permanent member.  — Madelaine

How did the internship prepare you for your job?

“The internship prepared me by giving me the chance to experience what the day-to-day would be like here, and what the people around me would be like. An internship is basically an opportunity for you to try out the company and for the company to try you out and see if you’re a good match.”  — Kayla

“After interning with Intouch, I noticed that I had grown in many areas professionally. I was able to experience real-life conflicts and resolutions. I learned how to interact with people and adjust the way I worked with many people based on their personality traits. Most importantly, I was able to use my experiences to benefit my new team. It goes to show that there is a huge difference between what you learn in school and actually experiencing something.”  — Colleen

“I was lucky enough to find out I was getting hired full-time pretty early on in the internship, so I was able to dive into the client work and get to know it as well as possible before starting as an AA. I became really familiar with the Intouch processes as well as with the clients and our internal subject matter experts.   — Madelaine

What’s your advice for graduating seniors interested in an internship?

“The good part about taking an internship before a full-time job is you’re able to get a taste of the work without the full commitment of full-time.”  — Kayla

“Make sure not to hide your personality during the interview process! Here at Intouch, we really cherish the diversity of our employees. Everyone brings something special to the table.”  — Colleen

“Don’t discount it as ‘just an internship.’ The intern project really validated that I wanted to work in advertising and gave me experience in leading a real client project, like a director would, that I otherwise wouldn’t get to if I were a regular entry-level employee.” — Madelaine

What’s your advice, in general, for graduating seniors?

“The smartest thing I did when I was in college was attend the Spark KC event, “Intern Speed Dating.” This is where I made 90% of my connections.  Don’t lose your connections.  — Kayla

“Don’t ever doubt yourself and your experience. What you have learned will help you as you begin your career.”  — Colleen

“College doesn’t prepare you for your job. It may be slow-going at first, but work hard and pay close attention and you’ll figure it out.  — Madelaine

All of our interns have bright futures ahead of them, but unfortunately, we don’t have the option to keep them all. To those we did hire, we’re glad you’re here. To those we were unable to bring on, thank you for the good work you did with us — we wish you the greatest success!

If you’re considering a 2017 summer internship with Intouch, check out this page for more info.