Many pharma brands have established a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Pharma-specific platforms such as PatientsLikeMe and SERMO provide opportunities for pharma companies to gain real-world insights from patients and healthcare providers. These platforms, along with relative newcomers Snapchat and Instagram, offer many social tools and engagement opportunities for pharma. These options may be overwhelming for new pharma brands.

That’s why Informa released a new Datamonitor report last month as a primer for new brands.

The report features information about the SERMO platform from our blog post “SERMO Offers New Social Capabilities for Pharma Marketers.” As we’ve noted, SERMO offers companies the chance to have meaningful dialogues directly with doctors in near real-time fashion, while their personal information remains anonymous.

To help facilitate more meaningful interaction, SERMO has introduced SERMO Pages, where companies can set up a page about a specific disease or brand, post content, and seek physician input and comment, providing another avenue for pharmaceutical companies to deliver information and get useful input from physician customers — Linda O’Neill, Social Media Director, Intouch Solutions.

Informa’s report also provides examples of how brands have employed social for consumer insights, clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement, featuring use cases from some of the work Intouch has done with clients.

Bonus: The report also includes an overview of PatientsLikeMe. We connected with PatientsLikeMe and saw them present at Dreamforce last year and were impressed by how they were able to connect users and gather mass user data that can be used to enhance drug safety and patient support programs. They provide quick disease state overviews with demographics and common symptoms to help people understand diseases from patients’ perspectives.

Check out the full Datamonitor report here.