It’s back-to-school time here, and that means several things: fresh new pens and notebooks (who can resist a back-to-school stationery sale?), busy fall schedules as summer comes to a close, and a bit of excitement for a brand-new year of learning.

We can’t help you with new highlighters or soccer practices, but we CAN make it easy for you to catch up on everything a pharma marketer needs to know. We’re calling it our ICYMI Series —where we recap our top posts on the biggest issues in digital pharma marketing.

First up? Facebook, that 800-pound gorilla of the social world. Here’s everything you need to know that’s happened this year.

Social Platform Changes: A Barometer for What’s to Come
Recent trends affect the way Facebook users engage with pharma marketers —including video, as well as Instant Articles.

Facebook Private Messaging for Pages: What It Means for Pharma
Facebook Page moderators can now send private messages to commenters: here’s how that impacts pharma.

Explosion in Social Sharing Is an Opportunity for Pharma
We’re all sharing more content: why? And how can pharma content become more shareable?

Facebook Reactions: What the Redesigned ‘Like’ Button Means for Marketers
Instead of just “liking” a post, users can now choose from a variety of “reactions.” Here’s how marketers can use that to track sentiment over time and learn more about their communities.

Facebook Introduces Flexible, Creative Canvas Ad Format
Canvas ads make mobile ads on Facebook more immersive and engaging — but how do they work?

Open Graph Tags: The Hidden Code That Enables Compliant Social Sharing for Pharma
Open Graph tags are metadata that control what text gets displayed when a user shares content on a social platform. Here’s what a pharma marketer needs to know to use them properly.

Video Sharing Platforms: Who Will Take the Crown?
Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook — where do things stand in the race for a video leader, and who’s who for health education?

F8: How Facebook’s Updates Impact Pharma Marketers
The top six news items from Facebook’s annual developer conference.

Chatbots Are About to Transform Facebook
How is Facebook implementing Siri-style chatbots, and what are the opportunities for pharma?

What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Latest News Feed Algorithm Update
Facebook published a “News Feed Values” document and tweaked the algorithm to emphasize posts from users’ friends and family, thereby de-emphasizing publisher and brand content. Why does this matter, and how is it affecting you?

Stay tuned for our next ICYMI installment, coming soon!