Approximately five years ago, Intouch Solutions identified the growing importance of social media and, specifically, social sharing. Our clients began to look for ways to help visitors share information from their websites. While several free sharing tools existed that were integrated with many social networks, they were built with news or e-commerce sites in mind. As such, they didn’t fit pharma in a number of ways:

  • They couldn’t protect brand messaging in the way a tool built purposely to accommodate pharma compliance could. Using the free sharing tools, pharmas had little control over what content was shared and whether or not that content was compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • They often had loopholes in their policies that gave the sharing tool the permission to inject unwanted ads into the process.
  • They didn’t offer clients the ability to learn much about the behavior of users. Which pages were being shared, how often, and to what social networks? The tools collected their own data about users but didn’t disclose that data to website owners.

So a cross-functional Intouch innovation team recognized the gap and got to work.

In May 2010, Share>Send>Save was first offered to existing Intouch clients, giving them the ability to provide visitors with the power to share information on a social network, send it in an email, or save it as a bookmark — all in a structure that protected the integrity of branding, compliance and data collection appropriately.

Share>Send>Save drew attention, because it was unusual for a marketing agency to offer a software solution, rather than just client-specific services. But that summer, industry interest rose dramatically after Novartis received a warning letter for using a sharing tool that truncated fair balance inaccurately. So Share>Send>Save was improved even further and offered to the broader industry.

Five years later, a wide variety of pharma sites make use of Share>Send>Save with single-site and enterprise subscriptions. They include branded, unbranded and corporate sites — many from the top 50 pharmas, some of which have written it into their social media guidelines. The product continues to be updated to stay ever-current, addressing the need for responsive layout and adding functionality as different social networks wax and wane in popularity.

The success of Share>Send>Save drove the expansion of the Intouch product suite, as it proved there was an unmet need for prepackaged but customizable digital solutions for pharma marketers. Over time, these additional products were added to our product suite:

  • – The industry’s only pharma-friendly URL shortener
  • PharmaWall – An advanced Facebook monitoring and moderating system
  • Allora – A next-generation iPad® sales and marketing solution for today’s sales force
  • Social Queue – A tool that finds, aggregates and archives data across your social channels so you can moderate in real time

All products share the same DNA: The Intouch desire to investigate and solve problems. Our passion for exploring technology. Our deep knowledge of the pharma industry and its inherent regulations. And the constant drive to connect pharmas with consumers and HCPs while providing the best possible customer experience.