As mobile devices pull our attention in even more directions, marketers are pressed to make the most of increasing tech capabilities. But it isn’t enough to build the shiniest new toy or create the app with the most interesting functions. We must understand our audience’s fundamental motivations better and create experiences that connect with and motivate them on the most basic, “gut” level.

This is where behavioral science comes in. Gamification — the idea of making a digital experience fun and engaging by making it feel like a game to the user — has been a buzzword for some time now. But true, effective gamification is far more serious and complex than its name implies.

How does the eons-old art that created chess apply to today’s pharmaceutical marketers? It turns out that there are sets of practical, effective principles underlying what experts call “human-focused design.” Behavioral science is a burgeoning field and Intouch CEO Faruk Capan explains more about it in a column for this month’s PM360. Read it here.