Google recently announced that it will be testing a new AdWords functionality that creates and “suggests” new ad-copy variations. It’s the next phase of Google making it easier for a business to run a more holistic paid search campaign entirely through the AdWords platform. This new feature, designed to improve campaign performance, will create close variations of the brand’s existing ads and then run them across the search network. The system takes into account several factors when generating new ad variations, including content in existing ads, and ad extensions and landing pages to identify ad content that could drive the best ROI for advertisers.

Beginning October 1, advertisers will see alerts in AdWords along with corresponding emails each time the platform suggests new ad variations. There will be a 14-day period in which advertisers can review ad suggestions before they go live. During that review period, the advertiser can choose to edit, pause, dismiss or approve the suggested content. The new ads will be added to the account and set live unless the advertiser chooses to remove them or opt out.

Ad copy suggestions will be created using information — headlines, descriptions, ad extensions and other relevant information on the ad’s landing page — found in existing ads. Ad suggestions can be edited, paused or removed at any time.

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The good news? It’s possible to opt out of the test entirely at any time.

All advertisers, across all verticals, have the opportunity to manually opt out of the Ad Suggestion test. Intouch has already opted all paid search clients out of this test and we’ve received confirmation of our opt-out from our Google representative. Intouch has already opted all paid-search clients out of this test.

If you have questions about Ad Suggestions, or about AdWords in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account lead.