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Google Instant Preview Coming to Paid Search

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Don’t Panic: Pharma Has an Exception

This Monday, April 18, Google sent out an announcement that new search ads enhancement will be rolled out gradually over the coming days. This new paid search enhancement will roll in Google Instant Preview as a feature of paid search ads. An example of Google Instant Preview for organic results is below:

Google Instant Preview for Lipitor

From an organic search perspective, this feature has been relatively consistent in terms of user satisfaction. The initial launch of Google Instant Preview had a few flaws that were widely discussed — namely the fact that Instant Previews did not display Flash® well. This issue has recently been addressed (for the most part).

This latest announcement has, as should be expected, created a bit of a stir within the pharmaceutical marketing world. As pharma marketers, we are always concerned about enhancements that could potentially violate regulatory concerns. Google makes many exceptions to their rules and display to benefit pharmaceutical marketers, and this new enhancement is no exception.

As of Tuesday afternoon (4/19/11), Intouch Solutions have received notification from our representatives at Google that there will be an exception from the Instant Previews for paid search for the pharmaceutical industry. This exception will be in place until a long-term solution for modification is defined.

The Intouch Search team will continue to monitor this new ad enhancement and will work to provide any additional insights as we learn more.


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