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Google Enhanced Campaigns

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AdWords Enhancement to Simplify Targeting Multi-Device Users


It’s been said that if content is king, then context is queen (and vice versa). On February 6th, Google further recognized the importance of context by announcing an upgrade to its AdWords paid search or pay per click (PPC) advertising platform. The new Enhanced Campaigns feature offers advertisers the ability to target users more efficiently — with ads served based on context such as location, time of day and device type — by combining separate desktop and mobile campaigns into a single campaign. This is such a major change that Google has a dedicated website, a downloadable Upgrade Guide and a series of six webinars to support the changes.

The Blurring Of Lines Across Screens

Google reports that a recent study shows that 90% of consumers move sequentially between several screens to accomplish a task. People are constantly connected and changing from one device to another to communicate, find information, shop and stay entertained. The line between tablet and desktop has become increasingly blurred in the wake of new device releases, and Google reports that consumer behavior between technologies is growing ever similar as a result. Enhanced Campaigns are designed to bridge the gap between technologies; eliminate separate campaigns, reports, and ad extensions; and allow advertisers to easily manage all device type campaigns in one single place. Google Enhanced Campaigns is designed to make it easier for advertisers to adapt to mobile advertising.

Impact On Pharma Advertisers

Google will roll out Enhanced Campaigns to advertisers as an option starting in February and will upgrade all campaigns by mid-2013. Their major shift to Enhanced Campaigns will strategically change the way we target users via device. Google has changed from their previous best practice, which was to create a separate campaign specific to desktop, tablet and mobile. Below is a list of the most important impacts this update may have on Google AdWords Advertisers.

Bid Management — Cost-Per- Click (CPC) Will Increase

  • With Enhanced Campaigns, desktop, tablet and smartphone campaigns will no longer be managed separately
  • Advertisers can increase or decrease bids by percentage in Enhanced Campaigns to bid more or less competitively
  • Advertisers can set campaign-level bid adjustments for times, days and locations
  • Dedicated destination URLs will still be allowed for mobile strategies. Advertisers lose the flexibility to allocate budget by device
  • Expect mobile CPCs to increase as all advertisers will be automatically opted into mobile advertising, creating more competition in mobile
Device Targeting Limited
  • Mobile paid search strategies will need to be modified since targeting tablets and smartphones by device or operating system (Android, iOS) are no longer options in Enhanced Campaigns
  • Campaigns originally created as mobile-specific will need to be merged with desktop-only campaigns to make the upgrade process easier
  • Advertisers not targeting smartphones will be forced to design a strategy or set the bid multiplier to a negative 100%
  • Google is bundling tablet-targeted campaigns into desktop campaigns where there’s a higher CPC. Advertisers lose the flexibility to have a specific AdWords strategy for tablet users

eMarketer reports that 82% of U.S. marketing professionals polled named mobile media as the number one target for increased focus, yet the pharma industry lags behind in mobile readiness. . The emergence of Google Enhanced Campaigns only further underscores the importance of having a mobile-friendly online presence.

Intouch recommends, at the least, having optimized landing pages for desktop and mobile campaigns designed with a clear conversion path to increase performance on KPIs, increase quality score and lower CPC.

Although Intouch Solutions has seen some of the AdWords features we’ve grown to love and trust being taken away, we believe Google is taking a major step toward making mobile marketing simpler. While multi-device marketing, contextually targeted ads and advanced reporting appear to be a step in the right direction, Intouch Solutions is uncertain of the impact on performance and increased cost, especially for our pharma clients who aren’t always mobile-ready. Intouch will be monitoring the enhanced features, and clients will be updated on performance and results. With the migration to the new Enhanced Campaigns, Intouch Solutions recommends evaluating each paid search program individually, learning the new enhancement features and implementing them strategically.

Intouch Solutions will continue to work closely with Google through the upgrade and rollout of Enhanced Campaigns over the next months to make the most of the new feature.

Contact your Intouch Solutions representative for more tips, advice and support on Google Enhanced Campaigns, search engine marketing or enhancing your mobile-readiness.


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