Data is at the core of everything we do at Intouch. From content strategy to CRM, from programmatic media buying to search engine optimization, data informs our strategic rationale and helps us measure our success.

With every site visit, “like” and click they make online, web users are leaving a trail of clues (data) about who they are, what they want and need, and what interests and concerns them.

Recognizing the ever-greater role data is playing in our everyday lives as pharma and healthcare marketers, Medical Marketing & Media recently hosted a half-day conference, “Big Data for Big Decisions: Making Digital Work for Healthcare.”

Speakers presented their takes on how to capitalize on the massive amounts of information now at our fingertips. Intouch’s own director of data science, Sam Johnson, spoke about the power of predictive modeling, along with the many ways to use data throughout the life of a campaign.

We have to understand that consumers and patients today are pulling the information that they want; we’re not just pushing it anymore.

If, like many of us, you were unable to be in NYC for the December conference, don’t fret. MM&M compiled a downloadable e-book that recaps the highlights from each presentation.

Sam also sat down with MM&M executive editor Jaimy Lee for a brief interview about how data can help us make smarter decisions. “Once we help organizations and executives realize what data they’re actually sitting on top of, they’ll realize the opportunity to leverage it in ways that they’ve never done before.”

To learn more, check out the whole interview.

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