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Giving Back Since 1999

Intouch Team

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Intouch Solutions is well-versed in helping people with their healthcare needs, but our efforts aren’t limited to that alone. Giving back is part of our company culture, which is why each office — Kansas City, New York and Chicago — has a philanthropy committee working throughout the year to plan and organize events, giving Intouchers opportunities to help their communities.

This year, to celebrate and share with others the success we have enjoyed over the past decade and a half, our committees decided to merge our Fast15 15-year anniversary celebration with our charitable efforts.

Each office organized a food drive with drop-off locations to benefit a food bank of their choice. And, in the spirit of friendly competition, each office competed for prizes ranging from PTO days to team bagel breakfasts. Here’s how each office stacked up:

Kansas City
Intouchers in Kansas City donated 720 pounds of food and roughly $600 to benefit Harvesters—The Community Food Network, a nationally recognized food bank donation center.

“It’s nice to mix things up and have another community-focused Fast15 event to benefit such a large part of people’s lives,” said Sarah Lacy, senior business development manager in KC. “Intouchers have very big hearts, and seeing them get so excited to help others further reiterates why I enjoy working here so much.”

New York
The growing New York office collected a number of items for City Harvest. And, according to New York office coordinator Shauntay Twitty, the office decided to keep its charitable momentum going after the food drive by collecting monetary donations for a local family in need.

Meanwhile, our Chicago office collected more than 1,400 items over a week and a half, benefitting the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

“It was a wonderful reminder to everyone that it is our duty to give back to the community, especially when we are so fortunate. It was also such a great way to use competition to maximize teamwork,” said Grace Pollert, Chicago office coordinator.

The Gift of Time
Each food drive was a huge success, and we can’t thank our Intouchers enough for their donations. Our charitable philosophy extends far beyond simply donating goods; we also donate our time, which is why each Intoucher is given annually four hours of paid volunteer time to help a cause of their choice.

Kansas City project manager Kaleigh Hudson and her team spent their volunteer hours boxing and canning goods and spices at Harvesters for those in need.

“I think it says a lot about the character of the company. They value their employees enough to allow them paid time to take a break from their computer screens and do something good for their souls. It shows that Intouch not only cares about us, but that they also care about the community we are in,” said Kaleigh.



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