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Four Best Practices for Pharma Digital Advertising

Intouch Team

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For 15 years, Intouch Solutions has been at the forefront of healthcare digital marketing. We were thrilled to have that acknowledged this year when MM&M chose us as Agency of the Year for our client loyalty and stand-out work. To deserve this reputation, we work hard to know and predict our industry. We regularly discuss our insights with our clients, but we like to share more broadly, too. So we’d like to present a pair of topics we’ve been discussing lately: What trends are emerging? And what best practices do we believe are important now?

While identifying “the next big thing” is certainly important, it’s just as vital to keep sight of everyday best practices and make sure we’re adhering to them in everything we do. Here are four that we apply in our work:

Be as Mobile as Your Audience
Making sure that sites and experiences are mobile-optimized is vital. Gone are the days when people only accessed the Internet by surfing online on a desktop PC. Multi-screen users are accustomed to being able to transition from desktop to tablet to phone seamlessly and to have all functionality work perfectly on every device, every OS, offline and online. You must put your best foot forward, regardless of when and where your targets decide to give you a moment of their scant time. Knowing and implementing the latest search strategies will help them find you anytime, anywhere.

Adapt to Shortening Attention Spans
People pay less attention than ever, especially to “disruptive” marketing messages. In addition to having more demands on their attention coming from more screens than ever before, they’re increasingly accustomed to “short speak” — Twitter’s 140 characters, Snapchat’s 10-second limit, and micro-videos of six (Vine) or 15 (Instagram) seconds. Minimalism is important. Less is more. Seriously.

Use the Best Intelligence Available
This may seem obvious, but be sure to incorporate relevant — and real — data and planning/research insights into your strategies and tactics. Understand the healthcare professional’s mindset; dig deep into the patient journey and craft the ultimate customer experience from that. Too often what are called insightful strategies are simply channel recommendations, and that’s not how to resonate with end users. You must know, not guess. Nothing replaces accurate data and intelligent analysis.

Keep the Customer First and Foremost
Marketing efforts need to be customer-centric, rather than just promotional content. Brands — even corporate pharma and biotech — must demonstrate they are listening and responding, not just talking about themselves.

In the welter of new platforms, feature updates, functionalities and features, it can be challenging to stay focused on what really matters. These are four best practices we believe are going to matter to pharma brands in the months ahead — if not always.



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