As consumers continually shift the ways they find information, shop and connect with others, it’s imperative that pharma marketers move beyond the confines of traditional strategies to reach them.

Intouch Solutions’ group account director and multichannel expert David Barwig believes pharma marketers can take a page from marketers of consumer-packaged goods (CPGs), who have become adept at connecting with consumers and maintaining an edge in a deeply competitive environment.

You might be inclined to dismiss Barwig’s thinking. After all, the CPG industry isn’t bound by complex restrictions and has a lot more freedom to take risks, like incorporating wit! (Remember Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”?) Meanwhile, pharma must be ever vigilant, walking the fine line between caring and credible, supportive and scientific. Comparing CPGs and pharma is like comparing apples and oranges, right?

But where others see vast differences, Barwig sees universal principles ripe for the picking. We should be taking what CPG marketers have learned and making it work for us.

Get Barwig’s full take in this Q&A, “Five Things Pharma Can Learn from Consumer-Packaged Goods,” from a recent edition of DTC in Focus.