Intouchers love helping their communities, and even though every Intouch associate is entitled to a half-day of paid time for volunteering each year, many of us go well beyond that — travelingtaking photoslogging milesbuilding websitesfostering homeless animals, and even shaving our heads — to help those in need.

Recently, Kansas City Intouchers joined forces and participated in a week of giving, coordinated by the KC philanthropy team. And though we don’t need to be coerced into doing good things, the week was made more fun with themed costume days, raffle prizes and a Friday tailgate.

Over the course of the week, associates showed exceptional generosity. By week’s end, we had filled 12 plastic tubs, eight oversized boxes and multiple bags with canned goods, household supplies, clothing, toys, books and more than 1,000 crayons. All of that was packed up and delivered to Children’s Mercy Hospital and our local Ronald McDonald House.

We also had the opportunity to sign up for outside-the-office volunteer activities, which were chosen by consensus through a survey conducted by the philanthropy team.

Nearly three dozen Intouchers volunteered their time with the staff, patients, and families at Children’s Mercy Hospital and three area Ronald McDonald Houses. Each organization was presented with a $10K check and collected goods. Volunteers took a tour and passed out coloring books, crayons and pencils to patients and siblings at the hospital, wrote thank-you notes to donors, and made snacks and pancakes for families visiting little loved ones.

Other Intouchers volunteered at the KC Pet Project, a no-kill animal shelter serving the Kansas City area. KCPP provides a safe place for more than 9,000 animals a year and facilitates pet fostering and adoption, as well as lifesaving programs, pet-owner reunions, pet-ownership education, and more. Intouch donated two shopping carts’ worth of pet supplies from Pet Smart, and volunteers cleaned pet carriers, painted a new cat room, and took photographs of dogs to help them get adopted.

Jennifer Starr, who photographed the dogs, said, “One of the dogs was adopted after the photo shoot and another had a ton of exposure and over 800 likes and 242 shares on social media so far.”

On the whole, it was a great week, and it felt great to support three organizations that are making a difference in Kansas City. Thanks to everyone on the KC philanthropy team, and all the Intouchers who participated, for making it a worthwhile, and fun, week of giving!