As Intouchers, we are determined, driven and dedicated. There is a palpable energy in all three of our offices, propelled by the unique and diverse interests of each person who walks our halls.

Jennifer Starr, social media manager in Kansas City, understands the power of strong visuals. She is one associate in particular who has been making a huge difference for animals in need in the local community — from shelter dogs in need of finding their forever home to pets at the end of their long journies. Her philanthropic, creative and passionate nature truly embodies the Intouch spirit. In addition to working on multiple clients’ social media accounts, Jennifer is a nationally published pet photographer who owns her own business called FixYourImagesPhotography.

After taking a Photoshop course in 2005, Jennifer’s interest in photography — and, particularly, photo restoration — flourished. In 2009, Jennifer combined this hobby with her passion for pets and began photographing animals.

According to Jennifer, around 75% of her clients use her Going With Grace initiative, which is dedicated to celebrating the lives of terminally ill pets and capturing the human and pet bond. KCTV Channel 5 News recently highlighted this program on their weekly Faces of Kansas City feature.

“I offer discounted sessions for pets that are nearing the rainbow bridge. Pet owners choose to have their pets documented in their last stage of life,” says Jennifer. “It’s difficult, but it is rewarding and humbling to know I’m providing peace and closure to pet owners.”

In addition to running FixYourImages Photography and working at Intouch, Jennifer dedicates time each month to volunteering at animal shelters and taking photos of pets up for adoption. According to Jennifer, the adoption rates of pets that have professional photos are higher than those that don’t.

Jennifer says the Intouch environment is one of support, where her team encourages both her photography business and her philanthropic efforts.

“Everyone has their own cause that is close to their hearts,” says Jennifer. “I encourage each person on my team to do what he or she is passionate about.”

When associates give back to our community, everyone wins. That’s why Intouch proudly makes philanthropy part of our culture and gives all employees four hours of paid volunteer time a year.

Way to go, Jennifer! We’re proud of you and all the Intouchers who make a difference in the communities in which we work and live.