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Facebook News Feed Algorithm: The First Good News in Two Years

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On February 24, Facebook announced yet another change to their algorithm which governs what users see in their News Feed. Over the last year and half, every time I’ve written on the subject, the end result has been less reach for brand pages. However, this announcement details a tweak to the algorithm that could actually increase the reach of brand page posts. By tagging other pages in posts, brands can show up in the News Feed of both users that like their page and the page that was tagged.

Facebook detailed their explanation with the example below. The post by Bleacher Report tags both Dwight Howard and James Harden. With the tweak, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm may now serve this status update to fans of both Dwight Howard and James Harden, even if the user is not a fan of Bleacher Report.

What does this mean to pharma brands? Brand pages now have an opportunity to increase the reach of their posts by tagging other pertinent pages. If brand pages utilize the new trending topics feature, they may now be rewarded for tagging posts about topics being discussed by the Facebook community as a whole.


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