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Envisioning the Future of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Penelope LaRocque

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In a recent post about the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, we noted that we’ve turned the corner on artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots likely to come to mind when someone mentions AI, but its potential is much, much greater than simply helping us book a hotel room, rent a car, or figure out the fastest route to work. Obviously, we haven’t reached the point where robots are taking over the world – fortunately – but some may be surprised by how advanced artificial intelligence (AI) has already become.

There’s no way to know all the ways businesses can benefit from employing AI, but Intouch EVP/Head of Digital Innovation and Media Justin Chase has some ideas about how it can be used in healthcare. He sat down with MM&M and answered these questions:

  • What’s the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing?

  • What can artificial intelligence do to change the overall patient experience and the relationship patients have with their healthcare providers?

  • How do you envision the future of AI in healthcare?

To get the answers, check out the brief video interview here.



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