We take “giving back” seriously at Intouch. Whether it’s an office-wide activity like Philanthropy Week, or just one Intoucher participating in a race to raise awareness and funds for a life-altering condition, we welcome opportunities to share our good fortune with others.

One of the cool things about working at Intouch is that employees get a lot of support and encouragement when they participate in good-cause activities. Our Feet on the Ground (FOTG) program, which was started in 2016 as part of our year-long #ALLin initiative, makes it possible for Intouchers to participate in events they care about by sponsoring up to $50 of registration fees.

Recently, Intoucher Kayla Kroenlein – an art director in the KC office — took advantage of FOTG to participate in her third Heartland 30K, which is actually three 10K races that take place over the course of three consecutive Sundays. Each race supports a different cause:

  • The Plaza 10K was held Sunday, September 9, and was a fundraiser for Saint Luke’s Home Health and Hospice.
  • The Dot to Dot 10K, which happens September 16, aims to raise at least $50K for pediatric brain tumor research.
  • The Broadway Bridge Run, happening September 23, supports Special Olympics activities in Missouri.

“It’s awesome to be able to support charities doing something I love,” said Kayla.

If you’re looking for career that lets you build your professional skills, work with smart and generous people, and supports you in philanthropic efforts, check out our open positions. There are 62 at the time of this writing — get on it!