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Easily Promote YouTube Videos and Channels with Sponsored Videos

Tracie Biggerstaff

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Video sharing has come a long way in the past few years with social networking. But instead of waiting for someone to come across your videos and share them with others, how about speeding up the process with YouTube Sponsored Videos? These are paid advertisements that appear on YouTube’s search result pages. Advertisers create a list of desired keywords or search phrases where they want their video to appear. When an online user places one of these selected phrases into YouTube’s search query, then the advertiser’s video will appear in the results. This is a great way to expose advertisements to the direct target audience instead of just anyone. Not only can this be beneficial by increasing video and channel views, but your videos will be viewed by high-quality online users.

How YouTube Sponsored Videos work

YouTube Sponsored Videos are similar to Google’s paid search advertising (after all, Google does own YouTube) but are targeted specifically for YouTube searches. For pharma marketers using a YouTube channel to help accomplish a specific goal—whether that is disease education, brand awareness or whatever the case may be—sponsored video ads can help differentiate a channel and gain valuable exposure. Because sponsored videos use the same cost-per-click pricing model as traditional paid search advertising, they can be a cost-efficient marketing channel.

Look and feel

YouTube Sponsored Videos have a different look and feel, compared to ads seen in paid search. In addition to the normal title, description and display URL used in paid search, YouTube offers a still image of the video, the author (or YouTube channel name), when it was uploaded and how many views it has received. This extra information is consistent with organic YouTube search results, which encourages users to view sponsored videos.


Just like paid search, there is only a charge to the account when an online user actually clicks on the advertisement, not every time it appears in search result pages. This is the most cost-efficient way of digital advertising because even when an online user does not click directly on the paid ad, there is still a high probability that they will at least notice it, which is essentially free awareness or impressions.

Not every click will cost the same amount. The amount depends on the keyword cost per click or CPC. Each keyword has a set worth that is determined by popularity, competition volume, etc. This cost can be lowered by bidding on high-relevance keywords that directly relate to the YouTube channel’s message. This will tell YouTube that the channel’s content is not intended for spam, which can help keep CPC bids low.

How can YouTube Sponsored Videos benefit a pharma brand channel?

Promoting individual videos can increase YouTube channel views because the ads will simply take online users directly to the channel. Even if only one video is promoted, the advertiser has the option to direct traffic to the YouTube channel on which it lives. When a user comes across your YouTube Channel, they will see a variety of different videos from your channel only (instead of a list of videos that normally include a bunch of different channels). So when they see related videos in that list, they will always be clicking on one of your videos. This not only increases video/channel views, but brand awareness, product awareness, and even can direct online users to the branded website. This is done just by providing a link to the site in every video description, which is shown below each YouTube video.

Common questions

Can I turn off YouTube Sponsored Videos anytime?

Yes. Just like with any other paid search campaign, they can be turned off or paused when needed.

Can I adjust the budget at anytime? Will it affect my other paid search campaigns?

You can adjust anything in the YouTube Sponsored Video campaign without affecting paid search, including budget.

Are YouTube Sponsored Videos available on mobile?

Not yet, but there is a plan to roll out a mobile version soon.

To learn more about YouTube Sponsored Videos, refer to the following links:

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