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Defining the Ideal Workplace

Sarah Lacy

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Recently, industry publication PM360 asked people for a description of their ideal workplace. What attracts people to a company, and what drives them away? The results were a varied and interesting list, including several contributions from Intouch associates. The article prompted my own reflection on what makes Intouch such a great place to work.

If you were to roam the halls in any Intouch office, you’d hear friendly water-cooler chatter about last night’s rivalry basketball game, the upcoming themed happy hour event or the latest viral video craze. Camaraderie and cohesion amongst our associates is so important that teamwork is one of our guiding principles. 

We take our recognition as one of Kansas City’s Best Places to Work very seriously and are continuously improving our company benefits. Joey Barnes, senior director of business development, told PM360, “Things like health and wellness programs, excellent benefits and social activities to foster engagement demonstrate a company’s level of concern and care for its employees. I like to know the company I work for has my best interest in mind.”

What really fosters a unique work environment for any company are the people. While all 450+ Intouchers live and breathe digital pharma every day, we come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and bring with us a broad range of skillsets. Added to that mix is our cultural diversity; in fact, our founder and CEO Faruk Capan, hails all the way from Istanbul, Turkey. We have associates from all around the globe, including India, Poland, Germany, and Uzbekistan! Both the professional and cultural diversity enable us to better relate to our clients and their customers and offers us an exceptional work-life experience.

Medical Director Jim Haupt (who is Scottish, by the way) agrees. He told PM360, “I look for a company whose environment is multicultural in terms of both individuals’ origins and their skills. A multicultural environment provides various perspectives and cross-team exposure to art, science and technology. I prefer to work with people who are adaptable, collaborative and friendly. Teams like that energize a workplace.” 
If this sounds like a place where you’d like to advance your career, we would love to meet you! You can check out current job openings here. 


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