It seems inevitable: you meet someone for the first time, and at some point they ask, “So what do you do?” At Intouch Solutions, every single person plays an integral role in the agency’s undeniable success. We have a lot of teams and a lot of team members — because it takes a LOT of different types of personalities, skillsets and specializations to do what we do — so we’re starting a new series to spotlight our diverse talent. If you’re considering a career in pharma marketing, here’s your opportunity to peek behind the curtain!

She’s Hardcore Like That
Maggie Meloy, who joined Intouch in November 2014, is a senior account manager in the Chicago office. Here she talks about what a typical day looks like for her.

Account team members are the liaisons between our clients and our internal teams. They have to be flexible, organized, diplomatic and able to shift gears quickly. My day starts out with a 9 a.m. “hot sheet” touchbase, where I spend a few minutes prioritizing work with my boss and our account administrator — because we’re hardcore like that! We’re currently working on a product launch for a client, so there are a lot of moving pieces to tackle, and a daily check-in helps us stay organized and keep things running smoothly. In general, things are constantly changing, and I’ve come to learn that I have to be ready for anything. Some days can be crazy — submissions are due, clients need something ASAP, work orders are all prioritized as “pants on fire,” my calendar is only showing blue (which means lots of meetings), and my to-dos just keep piling up. On the flipside, there are quieter days where I have fewer meetings and am actually able to get some work done and leave on time.

After the touchbase, my day typically consists of leading internal meetings to ensure projects are staying on track, conducting client calls to present new work, compiling lists of next steps, sending follow-up emails (how many people love those?) to ensure key players are being held accountable, putting together timelines and scope of work estimates for the client, and opening work tickets. The list could go on and on, but generally, it’s about keeping tabs on all projects and thinking ahead about what needs to happen next.

Clients Come First
It’s important to be one step ahead of my clients to ensure they’re feeling the love from their agency and help build a trust-based relationship. That way, if there’s ever tension, communication is easier because there’s mutual respect already in place. I make it a priority to keep our clients top of mind and send updates on projects or even just a friendly note every few days.

The thing I enjoy most about account management is that I get to work with different departments and touch almost every aspect of a project. Working at a place like Intouch, where everyone is extremely friendly, helpful and positive, makes my job a lot easier. And while it may be frustrating to sometimes go through seemingly endless rounds of revisions, there’s nothing more rewarding than putting out a meaningful end result.

Shout out to my fellow account team members, who are killing it every day!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Intouch associate, check out our available positions. We’d love to hear from you!