We talk a lot about data around here, and for good reason. Everything we do at Intouch is grounded in data. From content strategy to CRM, from programmatic media buying to search engine optimization, data informs our strategic rationale and helps us measure our success.

From Raw Data to Refined Insights
“Data is the new oil,” says Sam Johnson, Intouch’s director of data science. “Turning crude oil into gasoline [or raw data into insights] takes expertise, process and the right tools.”

Sam — or as we like to call him, Dr. Data — recently spoke at Medical Marketing & Media’s conference, Big Data for Big Decisions: Making Digital Work for Healthcare, held in NYC the first week of December.

Sam shared the ways that Intouch uses data science to, among other things, optimize campaigns at every stage, from predictive modeling to identifying top-performing messages to measuring engagement.

Other speakers from across the healthcare industry came to discuss programmatic buying, leveraging data from EHRs, how to stay competitive and more.

We’re Ahead of the Game
Maria Hoheusle, another Intouch data scientist, also attended the conference. One thing she noticed was that several speakers talked about their companies’ attempts to include data science in their business models, whether via the help of consultants or attempts at internal work.

“It was exciting to know that Intouch has invested in having its own internal team, and that team is being led by someone like Sam, who’s respected in this field,” she said. “I feel like it puts our company ahead of the game.”

As we said earlier this year, “It’s no longer an issue of how to gather data; it’s an issue of what to do with it to learn the most possible from it.” If you’re interested in learning more about how data can help you meet your business goals, reach out to us at getintouch@intouchsol.com