Data-driven marketing has been on pharma marketers’ radar for a while, but it is now more important than ever. Consumers are engaging throughout the day with their computers, tablets and smartphones.

“They want [the pharma industry] to be able to know where they are and what they need,” says Angela Tenuta, executive vice president at Intouch Solutions, “because that’s what they’re getting from every other industry that they deal with.”

Pharma marketers can’t afford to overlook the power of data to help build individualized experiences. More and more patients are seeking to self-educate. They’re looking for information about symptoms, conditions and treatment options. Analytics can help us understand how they search and behave online, which in turn gives us the opportunity to provide value by offering individualized, relevant information.

Learn More at the DHC Academy
The Digital Health Coalition (DHC) recently launched DHC Academy, an educational program designed to encourage the innovative use of digital health marketing to improve patient health outcomes . We believe data-driven marketing is a key opportunity to do just that. A new video we produced for DHC Academy features seven Intouch thought leaders who weigh in on why pharma marketers can’t afford to opt out of the data-driven marketing game. Check out the video!