Data, big data, smart data, data analytics. If you bet on “data” as a hot word for healthcare marketers, you probably have won.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the exciting new things that we can do with data — the rapidity with which new tools can analyze it, the automation which helps us draw conclusions, the complexity that contributes to our predictions and insights.

But one of the most exciting developments in data is happening in a more behind-the-scenes fashion. Sources of data are — for industry leaders, at least — increasing and interconnecting in fascinating new ways.

Crossix is one of those leaders. Their healthcare marketing analytics have been an industry standard for a decade, thanks to a proprietary methodology that measures consumers’ prescription behavior.

Recently, however, they’ve expanded their network to include even more data.

Their latest expansions include medical claims data and electronic health records, which are now added to the other data streams in the Crossix network, such as those from OTC purchases, media, prescribers and pharmacies.

With this universe of data, according to Crossix, it’s possible to plan or analyze media campaigns in a variety of increasingly complex ways, including:

  • How exposure to a campaign influences doctor visitation, diagnosis and treatment
  • Determining at-risk patients earlier by leveraging medical history information
  • Understanding patient payment dynamics across all payers
  • Connecting the e-prescribing trends of doctors with corresponding patient behavior
“It’s rare to be able to connect this data. Typically these data types are siloed and can only be used separately.”
– Nick Augustinos, Senior Vice President Health Information Services & Strategy at Cardinal Health

How can marketers gain insight to create campaigns that provide the most useful information to their audience, while still respecting HIPAA and all of the other laws and best practices regarding patient privacy? Combining data while remaining compliant with all of the varying privacy regulations at play for patients, providers and health systems is no small feat, which is probably why Crossix is one of the few to achieve it and the only one to make connections to such a degree.

Intouch looks forward to partnering with Crossix further to bring these and other exciting industry data developments to our clients.