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Company Culture Brought to Life in New Intouch Headquarters

Sarah Lacy

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Smell that? It’s the smell of fresh paint and new construction! Crisp new desks, bright new colors, and a sense of shared excitement fill the air as Intouch Kansas City employees arrived for their first day of work today at our new headquarter location. Enthusiastic chatter was around every corner as Intouchers unpacked their boxes and settled into their new spaces …  “This is so cool!” “Wow, look at that!” “Where are you sitting?” “We have our own coffee bar, and the refrigerator is fully stocked with flavored creamer!” Today, it’s both the little and big things driving the energy and enthusiasm at Intouch. 

We’ll be sharing more about our new space soon, which was built to support our burgeoning growth as well as further open up innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Meantime, take a look at what’s stirring up all the excitement:


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