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Celebrating the Pharma Women of Twitter - Part Deux

Wendy Blackburn

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As I’ve continued to blog, tweet, and attend more conferences/tweetups over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to get to know more people in the pharma industry. That’s one of the things I love best about Twitter — meeting “strangers” online who become instant friends in-person. I often say “It’s the difference between a hug and handshake” when you meet someone face-to-face that you’ve previously known through Twitter (vs. not having known them at all).

Last fall, I did a short post celebrating the pharma women of Twitter. I did it because we seemed like a rare breed — the few females who are involved in the pharma/healthcare industry, put themselves “out there” via social media, and use Twitter on a regular basis to share and connect around pharma digital marketing and PR. (Not to leave out the ever-special pharma Twitter dudes - we love you too - but you’re a little more prevalent, you understand ...)

The original list is still certainly a good collection of experienced pharma women worth following, and I invite you to visit it if you haven’t already. But with the recent explosion of people on Twitter, I’ve been able to meet and follow many more Pharma/Healthcare Women of Twitter. So it was time to create "Celebrating the Pharma Women of Twitter - Part Deux." Check ’em out and give ’em a follow if you’re so inclined ...

  1. Melissa Davies — Famous for her “1-in-500” adverse event report from her days at Nielson, Melissa is a few months into her new role at Return on Focus consulting. She’s smart and plugged into the industry — look for her at the next conference.
  2. Marian Cutler — A self-described “Passionate communications maven," I first met Marian at the 2009 FDA Hearings. I just love love love this woman’s energy. She’s one of those people that doesn’t know a stranger in the room, and a super-networker. Follow her and introduce yourself - you’ll be glad you did.
  3. Janet Carlson — If Janet was at a conference you attended, you’d know it - the woman speaks up and speaks her mind, which I respect. She blogs and tweets about a variety of topics - all of which are interesting. She’s the founder and CEO of One Eleven Interactive, an interactive and mobile marketing agency.
  4. Donna Cryer — a.k.a., "DCPatient," Donna is another woman I met at the FDA hearing. Following her and reading her blog provides a smart and healthy dose of perspective from the patient (and sometimes even caregivers’) point-of-view. Follow her and stay grounded.
  5. Dana Webster — One of the things I like about friendly, personable Dana is that she’s not one to claim to know it all. Her Twitter description includes the description "Student of Social Media" - great point - we are all students here, aren’t we? One of her past claims to fame: Serving as a (female) Cialis sales rep.
  6. Betsy Stevenson — Betsy is a great networker, conference frequenter, and knows her healthcare PR stuff. She’s a public relations business owner providing support for the biotech and pharma industries.
  7. Arly Iampietro — Known simply as "Arlyi," on Twitter, Arly is an admirably consistent tweeter and often one of the first to identify the latest pharna social media canpaigns. In fact, she tweets about a lot of the same topics that I do. If you follow me, follow Arly.

There’s lots of smart pharma/healthcare women to follow out there. Follow these ladies first (here’s a shortcut to a Twitter list featuring both sets). Then — tell me — who am I missing?


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