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January 18, 2018

Facebook News Feed Favors Meaningful Connections

On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced some major changes to the way they will build Facebook. Moving forward, the focus will shift from helping users find relevant content to helping users have more "meaningful social interactions”. The change will affect various elements of the platform's user experience and products, starting with the News Feed.

January 10, 2018

Social Trends Pharma Marketers Should Know for 2018

2017 sure kept things interesting. In the fast-changing world of social, each platform has had dozens of updates over the past year. Just like last year, we’re here to review the most important social platform updates and highlight how they will shape social trends in the coming year. Several of the

December 14, 2017

Expanded Character Limit Means More Twitter Options for Pharma

In early November, we published a POV written by Intouch Solutions social media manager, Andrew Grojean, about Twitter’s expanded character limit. Med Ad News reached out to Grojean and asked for a more in-depth version of the article, and he was pleased to provide it. What can you expect

September 27, 2017

Is It Time for Pharma to Look at Snapchat and Tumblr?

When you consider your social tactic mix, should you be looking at Snapchat and Tumblr? The answer may surprise you. As Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) noted recently, “It may have taken longer than it did elsewhere, but pharma has finally achieved some not-insignificant degree of comfort and confidence

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