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March 13, 2017

SXSW Keynote Recap: Cory Booker

As USA Today said, SXSW this year “features a heavy dose of politics.” But that shouldn’t seem odd. As one attendee pointed out, “SXSW is the place for great thinkers and innovators … at this moment in history, how can SXSW not dive into politics?” Politics is nothing new

March 9, 2017

OMG: It’s Time for SXSW 2017!

Where can you find a virtual reality fly-over of Tokyo, former vice president Joe Biden speaking about the cancer moonshot, and a re-creation of Twin Peaks’ Double R Diner — complete with donuts, coffee and cherry pie — all in one place? South by Southwest, of course. But there’s

January 12, 2017

CES 2017 Digital Health Roundup

Download the POV EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is largely considered the mecca of new consumer technology. Billed as “the world's meeting place,” it represents the hope for the future when it comes to how consumers will interact with technology and, by extension, brands. In addition to

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