Part of our job at Intouch is staying up to date on what’s happening in the tech world and understanding how new developments affect the work we do for our clients. We also think it’s important to keep you informed. So, in that spirit, our ICYMI series is back with another edition to help you catch up on everything a pharma marketer needs to know.

This time, we’re looking at what’s been happening at Google in 2016. The world’s most valuable company, the best place to work, the biggest censor of the Internet. What have they been up to so far this year that affects us directly as pharma marketers?

Google Updates Its Medical Knowledge Graph
Google brought users a medication summary in the latest expansion of their Knowledge Graph boxes for common queries. Learn what you need to know about this updated way of conveying information about your brands.

Revamped Google Ad Layout Is a Win for Pay-Per-Click But Puts Pressure on Organic
The evolution of the results page after a Google search has changed the game for paid results, and organic ones. Here’s what you need to know.

Open Graph Tags: The Hidden Code That Enables Compliant Social Sharing for Pharma
Open Graph tags are metadata that control what text gets displayed when a user shares content on a social platform. Here’s what a pharma marketer needs to know to use them properly.

Intouch Featured in Pharma3D Book
When Google, the Wharton School, and McKinsey & Company published a book called Pharma3D – Rewriting the Script for Marketing in the Digital Age, they featured Intouch and Baxalta’s Instagram program!

Google I/O 2016: What Pharma Marketers Need to Know
Google’s 10th annual developer conference showcased a variety of new apps, software and hardware. What’s it all mean for users – and what does it say about how the digital world is evolving, and the frontiers on which pharma must stay relevant?

Google Expands Health Information Features With Mobile Symptom Cards
These high-level symptom summaries for common queries are the latest evolution in how “Dr. Google” works with e-patients. Learn how this change could affect you, and how you can strengthen your web – and mobile – presence.

Google’s Expanded Text Ads Mean Expanded Opportunity for Paid Search Advertisers
It’s the first major change to Google’s search text ad template in 15 years. Why? How will it help you, and how will it affect your traffic?

Stay tuned for the next installation of ICYMI. If you missed our post on Facebook, check it out now.