Fall means pumpkin spice everywhere, digging sweaters out of the back of your closet, and catching up on some learning. The lattes and the sweaters are on you, but our ICYMI Series will help you stay on top of everything a pharma marketer needs to know. We’ve already reminded you about what’s been happening at Google and Facebook, and how to get more bang for your buck when developing digital sales aids; today, we’re talking about tech.

Wearables, artificial intelligence, Big Data and more … tech capabilities are rapidly evolving, and the possibilities for their use keep expanding. The following posts provide a good primer on what they mean for patient care and where pharma fits into the mix.

Keep Calm and Carry On: Calm Tech Changes Health and the World
What is calm technology, and how will it overhaul how we handle healthcare? Find out here.
Seniors and mHealth: Keep It Simple, Make It Personal
There are a lot of seniors. They’re getting connected, but they still need help. And they need a lot of help with their health. It’s the perfect place for pharma to step in.
Data Science Is the New Black: The Interventional Implications of Data
The pharmaceutical industry should be taking our new Big Data capabilities and focusing on two things: predictive analytics and behavioral interventions.
The Role of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Marketing
There are three ways that machine learning and artificial intelligence will transform pharma marketing: data analysis, calm technology and facilitating human connection.
FDA Takes a Hands-Off Approach With Health Apps and Wearables
The FDA updated its 2015 guidance, confirming that it will focus on tools that qualify as medical devices, not ones that focus on general health and lifestyle issues.