Back to school is underway, but we still have a few more days of summer before Labor Day weekend. Maybe you can’t spend them poolside with a cool drink, but you can make the most of the end of summer! Catch up on some of the latest thinking in your field with our popular “In Case You Missed It” (ICYMI) series, giving you TL;DR summaries of all of our recent coverage of a topic.

Today, an ICYMI review of our recent thoughts on data and analytics. Enjoy!

The Data Will See You Now: Welcome to the Future of Healthcare  Only got time for one? Choose this POV, which has everything you need to know about data in life sciences: the evolution, the promise, the impact, and the future.

Great Science = Great Marketing In this op-ed for PM360, Intouch CEO Faruk Capan explains exactly why health science marketers need two other sciences – data science and behavioral science – to succeed.

Data or Creative: What’s an Ad Exec Really Need? From Major League Baseball to Madison Avenue, there’s always been skepticism from the old guard when data is used to make decisions that used to be made by instinct and experience. Who’s right?

The Future of Data: Intouch Experts Weigh In In this article for MM&M, EVP Wendy Blackburn and Sam Johnson, senior director of Intouch’s advanced analytics lab, join other industry leaders to talk about how data is changing pharma marketing and what misperceptions need to be corrected.

Pricing Pressure in Pharma and Value-Based Care Drug pricing controversy isn’t anything new. What is new? The level of political uncertainty and upheaval about it, how stakeholders are handling it – and, in particular, what brand managers should be doing to address it.

Data’s Disrupting Healthcare Marketing: Here’s How In another piece for PM360, Intouch CEO Faruk Capan talks about separating the hype from the real potential of data, and gives six concrete examples of data helping pharma marketers succeed.

Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Don’t Blame Facebook. Blame Bad Ethics This POV explains what was behind the data scandal, what matters for pharma marketers, and what the seven things are that you need to do.