Why do people leave organizations? In his book Seven Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, author Leigh Branham says a big reason is a lack of growth and advancement opportunities. Branham states, “A recent survey asked employees to rate today’s managers on 67 leadership competencies. ‘Developing direct reports’ came in 67th.”

In other words, professional development came in dead last!

Not here at Intouch. We recognize the value of associate retention and continuously strive to attract and retain the brightest associates. To put our money where our mouth is, one thing we’re doing this year is putting the full-court press on learning and professional development.

We’ve long had a focus on both of these elements, but starting soon, our training program — dubbed ICE (Intouch Continuing Education) — is going on steroids! It will feature:

  • Robust onboarding for new associatesBranham claims 35% of American workers quit in the first six months after starting a job. Part of this is due to poor onboarding. People simply don’t know what it is they are supposed to do. Rather than taking a sink-or-swim approach, we formally coach new associates on company policies and culture. Individual one-on-ones with managers and/or classes on departmental matters during the first 60 days round out the onboarding.
  • Ongoing and practical role/departmental-specific training — ICE offers periodic live and online training in the latest best practices by department and role. Departmental leaders provide these timely and topical sessions.
  • Engaging soft-skill courses — Many Intouchers take advantage of elective lunch-and-learn sessions on softer skills, which are held almost weekly. They also regularly attend classes like “Effectively Managing Conflict”; “Negotiation Skills”; and “How to Maintain a Positive Attitude.”
  • On-demand online training — Whether produced here or by a third party, many topics will available online for 24/7 access to training opportunities on virtually any device.
  • Customized learning curriculum — Together with his/her manager, each Intoucher has a customized learning plan to ensure his/her career growth and professional development.
  • Learning management system — All training, including assignments, elective courses and courses completed, are tracked for the associate. Each Intoucher has his/her personal plan and dashboard to keep track of the progress he/she has made.

With our intense focus on training and professional development, we’re making Intouch not only a great place to come to work, but also a great place to stay to work.