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Bringing the Power of Gamification to Pharma

Braydon Medlin

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As a digital pharma marketing agency, we know the importance of utilizing technology to help engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients and create meaningful connections between them. Interactive apps encourage and support this connection in a unique and effective way. In fact, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, “Interactive advertising increases brand recall by 126% and the likelihood of buying by 29% regardless of whether or not the viewer actively participated in the interaction.”

Gamification is a good example of how well-designed interactive experiences can garner results. Gamification is the act of taking a structured activity and applying game mechanics to it. Game mechanics include video or computer game-like elements, such as points, levels, challenges, virtual goods, leaderboards, multiplayer gameplay and feedback. These mechanics offer a way to fulfill innate human desires for rewards, status, achievement, self-expression, competition, altruism, belonging and growth. Gamification offers a new way for HCPs and patients to communicate and engage.

What are the benefits of gamification in the pharma world? Gamification allows HCPs to connect with patients in the following ways:

  • Showing patients firsthand how their condition is affected by their daily habits and choices
  • Creating and regulating virtual patients by inserting actual medical record information
  • Adjusting environmental variables and displaying how particular patients would respond to these variables on a physiological level

To date, pharma has dabbled in gamification at best. But applied well, we believe it has the potential to take pharma communications to a whole new level.

Intouch is already incorporating gamification elements into our work. GoMeals® was created for people living with diabetes. This interactive app encourages users to make healthy choices with features for eating healthy, staying active and tracking blood glucose levels. GoMeals allows patients to see how their daily habits impact their diabetes. It also provides HCPs with the ability to see how their patient is actually doing.

Intouch Solutions has also created Microsoft Kinect®-powered gaming experiences to engage HCPs on the floors of major medical conferences — capturing their attention, feeding their competitive spirits, and providing important information about our clients’ brands all at once.

Moving forward, as pharma companies are incentivized to provide value beyond the pill, we expect gamification will play an increasingly important role in our industry.

To learn more about bringing the power of gamification contact Wendy Blackburn.


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