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Blackburn’s blog: an insiders look at digital pharma marketing

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Are you a blogger? Intouch Solutions’ very own Wendy Blackburn — executive vice president — has become just that with ePharmaRx. With a background in health care marketing, public relations, business-to-business, writing and more, she gives us an insider’s look at digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.

As a regular “watcher” of the blogosphere, Blackburn initially avoided setting up her own blog for fear of appearing egotistical — “Who am I to think I have anything interesting enough to say that people will visit regularly to read it, link to it, or even blog about my blog?” But, that is just what people have done.

A must-read authoritative voice in digital pharma marketing, ePharmaRx covers a wide variety of topics, from top-rated pharma brand sites to pharma companies joining YouTube.

Check out ePharmaRx for yourself, and see what all the buzz is about.


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