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Best Industry Observer Blog? Really? (Not a Chance)

Wendy Blackburn

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I don’t mean to be ungracious. Really — I don’t.

Jonathan Richman over at Dose of Digital blog (of Pharma/HC Social Media Wiki fame) worked very hard to implement the first-ever Dosie Awards. According to Jon, "the Dosie awards were created to find the best examples of social media in pharma and healthcare. The nominees for the awards were drawn from the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki."

This week at the BDI conference (more on that later), I was utterly surprised and honored to win the Gold Dosie for Best Industry Observer Blog. Click here for the full list of winners).

But here’s the problem:

While I enjoy writing ePharma Rx and hope people in the industry get a lot out of it, it is by no means the best example out there of a pharma industry observer blog.

It’s honestly a little embarrassing. ePharma Rx beat out the Wall Street Journal health blog? Really? It’s better than Jon’s own ever-prolific Dose of Digital or John Mack’s controversial Pharma Marketing Blog? Or the snazzy Pixels and Pills? Sally’s smart-and-sciency Pharma Strategy Blog? Shwen’s early example of Med 2.0? Steve Woodruff’sthoughtful Impactiviti? Pharmalot, RoskaDigital? Or the hundreds of other industry blogs out there? HoneyI don’t think so.

I’m not just trying to be coy. I really believe each and every blog has its own unique style and merits. The diversity is what’s so great about blogs, right?

ePharma Rx launched in Sept. 2008 (first post here) as kind of an outlet and experiment. It honestly hasn’t changed much sense then — still on the Blogger platform and still the same old Blogger graphic template! We’ve talked a lot about changing it up. But (fortunately?!) client work keeps us busy - so here it sits - looking like it’s been beat up by the digital ugly stick, despite our best intentions to "give it a facelift someday."

It’s not optimized. I don’t have all the latest and greatest gadgets. I don’t follow our own best practices on blogging and I go through spurts of time when I don’t post for weeks. I don’t even have a cute logo like Dose of Digital’s pixel-chomping dude or Pixels and Pills’ rockin’ purple capsule.

There’s just not much to it — except for the content itself. And there are plenty of "industry observer" blogs that have great content.

But the Dosie Awards were determined purely by"People’s Choice" voting, and the Dosie Awards were about social media and word of mouth in action. Read Jon’s findings from the awards experiement.

To Jon’s point, it IS social media in action. Everyone had the same opportunities to mobilize, tell people about the contest, and guide people to vote. What if the Wall Street Journal had published a "vote for our blog in the 2010 Dosie’s!" post?

Then they would be the one writing this post - not me!

All that said, I am proud to display my gold "Dosie" badge of honor, as a tribute to word of mouth and social media. .

And I’m sending a huge and humble "thanks" from this blogger to everyone who supports ePharma Rx in ways big and small — and apparently to the many, many of you that voted for it in the Dosie Awards. I truly find joy inmeeting and hearing from you each and every day.

P.S. - What’s really the best blog out there? That’s for you to decide, based on your own preference. I discover great new blogs in the digital pharma world often, and I learn from them all. I encourage you to visit Jon’s Wiki and see the long list of Industry Observer blogs — old and new — listed there.

Cheers and thanks again. ;-)




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