Marcus Tullius Cicero — the ancient Roman philosopher, public speaker and politician who inspired founding fathers John Adams and Thomas Jefferson — once said, “No one can give you wiser advice than yourself.”

Intouch CEO Faruk Capan takes the opposite approach to decision making, and he attributes this to his time in the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (HEMP). Faruk participated in HEMP nearly a decade ago, but the invaluable experience and advice he gained has stayed with him. After completing the three-year program, he chose to maintain an ongoing connection with HEMP as a fellow.

Faruk and two other Kansas City entrepreneurs recently spoke with Thinking Bigger Business Media about their experiences with HEMP. Read more!

About HEMP

HEMP, a Kansas City-based mentoring program, has been matching seasoned, successful entrepreneur mentors with less-experienced entrepreneur mentees for the past 20 years. The program features one-on-one mentoring, networking opportunities, lessons learned from peers and top CEOs in the community, and more.