We’ve talked about social video again and again at Intouch as we continue to see growth in this area. It should be no surprise then to learn that YouTube and other platforms have released several updates surrounding video content in recent weeks.

New YouTube Layout Affects Pharma Marketers
On July 1, YouTube began to update the look and feel of YouTube channels on desktop to mirror the UX design rolled out across other Google products. Like most updates, these changes will be automatically applied with no action needed to implement from brands. However, some updates may require brands to make creative changes and educate clients and medical-legal-regulatory (MLR) teams accordingly.

  • Profile Picture/Brand Logo — Moved from overlaying the channel banner art as a square on the top-left corner to overlaying the channel banner art as a circle on the bottom-left corner. This circular update will be seen across all views, including the video watch page. Brands may need to update profile picture dimensions to ensure text and images are fully visible for users.

  • ISI Widget — On the channel homepage, important safety information (ISI) visibility moved from the right-hand side to the top of the channel, right underneath the channel banner art. ISI auto-scrolls and includes a light-grey background. On the video watch page, ISI visibility will not change locations, but auto-scroll functionality and a light-grey background will be implemented. Brands may need to educate clients and MRL teams about changes to ensure comfort level. ISI will still be fully visible, but less text may be visible at first glance due to less real estate on the channel.

Tumblr Opens the Door to Live Video
On June 21, Mashable.com announced live video launching on Tumblr through partnerships with YouTube, YouNow, Kanvas and upclose. Users are able to share live video from those partnership platforms once they connect their accounts with their Tumblr page.

For brands, this integration means hosting live video on Tumblr requires an established social media account on platforms like YouTube, extending the reach of both. While the YouTube partnership only works on Android right now, Tumblr has already emphasized that iOS is on its way.

No doubt this strategic move is partially due to Facebook’s ongoing emphasis on live video, making it more likely to appear higher in News Feed compared to posted videos. Taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook, Tumblr’s strategy will pin a live video to the top of the Tumblr dashboard and allow the live video to live on the platform once completed.

Keep Video in Focus
While we used to think of video as a YouTube or Vimeo thing, all social media platforms are continuing to make updates in this area. Regardless of a brand’s current social media presence, video content should be one of the main focuses for marketers in 2016 and beyond.