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Anatomy of a Compliant Google Ad

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In June 2014, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) published a draft guidance for the industry on Internet and social media platforms with character space limitations — specifically, how to present risk and benefit information for drugs and devices. It outlines how to use platforms with native character space limitations, such as Twitter and Google ads.

But because we know everyone is short on time these days, below we’ve provided a quick, pinnable, printable reference to sum up the direction the guidance offers.

Above is a mockup of a Google text ad with sitelink descriptions enabled as a form of ad extension. Callouts highlight the FDA’s current thinking on information that must be included for the ad to be compliant.

When in Doubt

It’s helpful to reference this advice from the draft FDA guidance:
“If a firm concludes that adequate benefit and risk information, as well as other required information, cannot all be communicated within the same character-space-limited communication, then the firm should reconsider using that platform for the intended promotional message.”

In other words: unfortunately, if there’s no room, there’s just no way

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